Folklórica explores guitar music of popular inspiration across four continents. The pieces all have deep connections to traditional music or balladry of the lands that inspired them.

The Theme of Carlo Domeniconi’s Variations on an Anatolian Folksong was written by Asik Vaysel, one of Turkey’s most renowned folk musicians. The title of this haunting piece, “Uzun ince bir yoldayim,” translates as “I am walking down a long narrow path.”

A selection of characteristic dances from Argentina and Venezuela makes up the Suite del Recuerdo by Argentinian composer Jose Luis Merlin.

The Hindu myth of the bird Garuda is musically captured by British composer Oliver Hunt. The narrative of the piece sees Garuda waking in his nest in the Himalayas, experiencing the noise and haste of the world as he flies around it throughout the day, and coming back to roost in the evening. The spirit of the sitar is ever present in the textures of the piece.

The folksong Farewell to Nova Scotia is Canadian composer Dale Kavanagh’s inspiration for Briny Ocean. The piece combines a deep sense of nostalgia and a colourful musical description of the harsh beauty of Canada’s Atlantic coast.

Joaquin Rodrigo is one of the most beloved composers of guitar music of the twentieth century. Junto al Generalife and En los trigales both showcase Rodrigo’s signature style. Combining modern harmonies with elements of Spanish folk music such as castanet rhythms, Arabic melodies, and virtuosic flamenco scales, the pieces vividly evoke the landscape of Spain.

Campanas del alba (Bells of Dawn) by Spanish composer Eduardo Sainz de la Maza seemed a beautiful way to conclude this musical journey.

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